Long Island drivers may exhibit these poor driving habits.

by William Mattar | May 8th, 2018

Speeding or driving while texting are common bad driving habits plagued by some Long-Islanders. There are a couple other bad driving habits some motorists overlook until its too late.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Leaving your hand on your car’s shifter–if you rest your hand on the shifter, you are placing extra weight on transmission bushing and contributing to internal wear. Also, you could accidentally shift gears while driving .

Forgetting your car has a parking brake–when you don’t use your parking brake, the car’s full weight rests on a transmission component called the parking pawl. Adding extra wear and tear to the pawl may cause it to suddenly break without warning.

Changing lanes without using a turn signal–if you realize you are in the wrong lane, don’t suddenly swerve into the correct lane without signaling. Flip on the proper turn signal and wait a few seconds so everybody behind you understands you are transferring to another lane.

Not using headlights at dusk, dawn or on cloudy days--even if a little sun is shining, it’s difficult for drivers to clearly and quickly discern other cars, especially darker vehicles. You can be extra safe and use your headlights even during the day.

How Long Island Drivers Can Eliminate Poor Driving Habits

Start by simply replacing bad driving habits with better driving habits. Instead of jumping in your car and driving off, start up your car and take time to determine whether your hand is on the shifter, if your headlights are on and if you have your cell phone put away. Also, keep your dashboard free of papers, empty cups and other debris that could block your view and distract your attention from driving.

Poor driving habits cause many otherwise preventable accidents on Long Island. If you have been hit by someone due to a negligent or reckless driver and suffered serious injuries, please call William Mattel today to schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced car accident attorney.