Law Enforcement In New York Will Be Watching For DUI’s This Weekend

by | February 3rd, 2012

February 3, 2012

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, New York State Police are cracking down in an effort to reduce drunk driving associated with the game. Reports from CBS 6 News say that police announced yesterday that they will be conducting their first campaign of the year against DUI offenses.

The agency says they will be conducting a number of sobriety checks this weekend in conjunction with heavy saturation patrols in targeted areas of the state.

While the dangers that an intoxicated driver faces from injury or death to themselves or another person should be enough to persuade someone to choose otherwise, the penalties if one is caught drinking and driving can be quite severe.

Leandra’s Law, which makes it a felony to drive drunk with anyone under the age of 16-years-old in the vehicle, makes New York state arguably one of the toughest on the stance against drunk driving. A first-time offender, with no minors in the car, will spend an average of around $10,000 on a DUI offense in the state and could face up to a year in jail, a six-month revocation of his or her driver’s license, and anywhere between $500-$1,000 in fines.

The New York Car Accident Lawyers with William Mattar Injury Lawyers ask that all motorists be safe over the coming weekend by not drinking and driving. Instead, designate a driver before drinking, or call a cab or sober friend.