Is Speed a Factor in Some Buffalo Car Accidents?

by William Mattar | July 25th, 2019

Buffalo is an area with a wide variety of challenges for even the safest drivers. When a Buffalo car accident occurs, investigators will look at every possible angle to try and determine exactly what happened. As a Buffalo driver, you should be aware of the common factors that cause car accidents and learn how to avoid those factors if possible.


Buffalo’s weather changes so often. Some dangerous months from driving in Buffalo are the fall and winter because of falling leaves, rain, ice, and snow. But those months also cause it to become dark in Buffalo much earlier than normal, and that may have an effect on Buffalo car accidents.

Road Construction

Buffalo roads see road construction throughout the year. When roads go under construction, they change for the drivers and can become unpredictable. At night, road construction might be marked by safety lights, but it is still a hazard that causes many accidents.


Throughout the state of New York, it is generally easy to find those drivers who are in such a hurry that they disregard speed limit signs and even traffic signs and signals. This sort of driving is extremely dangerous because other drivers often have no idea what a speeder will do when they get into a congested section of road. Speed can also be a big problem in construction zones where the combination of bad road conditions and reckless speeders can become potentially deadly.

If you have been involved in a Buffalo car accident, then we recommend that you give our office a call right away. Our professional Buffalo car accident attorneys will review your case and see what can be done about getting you the maximum available compensation. If you are the victim of a speeder, then call us to have a chance at making that speeder feel some level of justice for what they have done.