Intersections can be a site of Rochester car accidents

by William Mattar | May 9th, 2018

In 2016 the Rochester City Council voted to terminate the Red Light Camera Safety Program. One reason why Rochester lawmakers put red light cameras at certain intersections was because many drivers ran lights at. This recklessness caused accidents involving serious injuries to other drivers who were obeying traffic signals.

Although the program is no longer in effect in Rochester, drivers will still be ticketed if they are caught running red lights at all intersections. In addition to drivers blatantly disregarding traffic signal laws, intersection accidents can also involve “road rage” drivers, intoxicated drivers and distracted drivers who are paying more attention to cell phones than the road.

The majority of Rochester intersection crashes are preventable. Some crashes may be attributed to mechanical failures affecting a vehicle, such as bad brakes, tire blowouts or transmission problems, for example. Mechanical breakdowns can also be prevented, meaning a driver who causes an accident at an intersection because they are driving an unsafe car can be charged with traffic offenses.

Rear-end crashes can also occur at Rochester intersections when someone approaching an intersection is texting or simply not paying attention. In some cases, striking the rear of one vehicle will force that vehicle into another–and possibly another. Whiplash, seat belt bruising and facial injuries are the types of injuries typically affecting people involved in rear-end crashes at intersections.

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