Fall driving dangers

by William Mattar | November 2nd, 2017

As the days shorten, our daily commutes are often made in the dark. In Buffalo, fall weather may seem pale in comparison to the winter. However, there are many dangerous hazards associated with the fall season.  Awareness of these hazards can help avoid a motor vehicle accident.

With days getting shorter, the commute to and from work can be in darkness. In Buffalo, the fall weather may seem insignificant compared to what we face in the winter. However, there are many elements to the fall season that one must watch out for whiling driving in the car. Knowing weather-related fall driving dangers can help avoid a Buffalo car accident.

School Buses & School Zones

It’s back to school season! Expect more cars on the Buffalo roads and more pedestrian traffic near school zones. Remember to drive the speed limit in school zones.

Be on the lookout for student drivers. The National Safety Council reports that teen car accidents spike in September as student drivers head back to school. These car accidents are most likely to occur when school begins and lets out.

Fog & Frost

As the temperature starts to drop, the chance of fog and frost rises. These conditions can hinder driving visibility and perception of distance. To be safe, while driving in fog and frost, drive slowly and leave enough space between you and the car in front of you. Activation of high beams can sometimes create a glare that naturally worsens visibility. When driving in fog conditions slow your speed.


With mating and migrating season starting, deer activity will rise.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you are three times more likely to hit a deer in November than any other time of the year. PETA warns that about one of every 100 drivers will hit a deer during their lifetimes. When driving around Buffalo, especially at night, be cautious of deer crossing the road. If you spot a deer, proceed with caution as they often travel in groups.

Sun glare & driving in the dark

The sun is moving closer to the horizon and straight for your eyes.  In Buffalo, the fall sun can reflect off  of other cars, windows and buildings, creating a glare.

As the year continues on, the darker the commute home will be. The National Safety Council warns that although 25% of our driving is at night, 50% of car accidents that result in death occur at night.

Car Maintenance

To ensure the best safety, keep your headlights clean and aligned. Equip your car with new windshield wiper blades to endure the Buffalo weather and have an emergency car safety kit easily accessible.  In Buffalo, the weather can change at any second. Be prepared for any weather condition.


Check the weather before you leave and adjust your commute accordingly.  To prevent your car from hydroplaning or skidding, be aware of slippery and dangerous conditions. If a truck or large vehicle is sharing the road with you, give them extra space in case they have trouble staying in their lanes.

Awareness of the dangers that fall may bring can help you stay safe this fall season.  At William Mattar, we offer a free case evaluation if you or someone you know was injured in a car accident. For your free case evaluation, contact one of our Buffalo car accident lawyers.