Common Car Accident Causes Addressed by Upcoming Safety Event

by | May 15th, 2015

Two of the most preventable causes of automobile accidents are speeding and drunk driving. Unfortunately, Western New York—especially Niagara County—sees an exceptionally high number of these types of crashes among young drivers. And motorists under age 20 have an exceptionally high rate of collisions where occupants are unrestrained.

That’s why the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee has partnered with other agencies to host an eight-day event to help raise awareness among our area’s teens and young people about the risks of the road. In addition, this month has been named Global Youth Traffic Safety Month.

Those attending the event will be able to visit at least six stations with information about different dangers that young drivers face on the road. Topics of discussion will include hazard recognition, vehicle handling, unsafe speed and space management, as well as the dangers of impaired operation and distracted driving.

Funding for the program is being supplied through a grant provided by the Ford Driving Skills For Life program.

At William Mattar Law Offices, we’ve seen the damage automobile accidents can cause, and our Buffalo car accident lawyers encourage you to attend this upcoming event with your young driver if you live in the greater Niagara County area.