Bronx Minivan Crash May Have Been Caused By Unsafe Road Conditions

by | May 2nd, 2012

May 2, 2012

State and federal governments have a responsibility to ensure that the highways are safe and suitable to be driven on. That may not have been the case Sunday when a minivan carrying seven passengers plunged off a highway overpass, killing all on board.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated that the section of the Bronx Parkway where the accident occurred is on the New York Department of Transportation’s 5 percent list, which is a list of roads in the state that exhibit “the most severe highway safety needs.” This particular stretch made the list because of its steep hills, winding curves, inadequate guardrails, and lack of a breakdown lane.

Reports indicate that the woman driving bumped a curb in the center divider, which blew a tire out on the vehicle. The Honda Pilot minivan then went across three lanes of traffic where it hit a two-foot concrete curb and went airborne over a four-foot tall guardrail. Experts say that the second curb acted as a launching pad for the vehicle and shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The crash wasn’t the first at this location. In 2006, six people were killed when a vehicle crossed the median into oncoming traffic. Earlier this year, another vehicle went over a guardrail at the same location.

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