Autumn car accidents caused by weather, wild animals

by William Mattar | November 18th, 2011

November 18, 2011

The months of October, November, and December can create dangerous road conditions in Upstate New York, according to

These seasonal threats include hazardous late autumn weather and deer and other animals on the roads.

Early snows are not the only weather conditions that alarm New York drivers. Rain also makes roads slick, and the late fall showers can freeze rather quickly. Slippery pavement was a factor in one out of every 10 New York accidents in 2010.

Windy storms can also result in debris on the road. Road debris was listed as a factor in more than two thousand crashes in 2010, reports the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Finally, it is estimated that just under one million deer roam in New York State. The peek period for deer-vehicle collisions is autumn because the deer’s annual breeding season typically peaks each November, spilling over into October and December as well. During this season deer are more active and less cautious.

Almost two-thirds of annual deer-vehicle collisions occur in the fall, with the majority of accidents occurring close to dawn or dusk. In the United States more than a million and a half crashes occur annually involving deer. These accidents cause over $1 billion  in damage as well as numerous injuries and deaths.

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