Australian Child Killed By Red Light Runner in New York

by emallernee | August 12th, 2011

August 12, 2011

An Australian family who was vacationing in New York this month suffered a terrible tragedy on Sunday, August 7, when their 10-year-old daughter was killed after a red light runner allegedly hit their minivan at an intersection in Queens.

When struck by a Nissan Sentra, the minivan flipped over, pinning the girl beneath it. Though Good Samaritans helped to roll the van over, the girl was pronounced dead at Astoria General Hospital.

Also in the van at the time were the 36-year-old mother, 42-year-old father, and brothers, aged 13 and 11. Each escaped serious injury, as did the driver of the Sentra.

“It appears the Nissan Sentra went through a red light at an intersection and struck the van,” NYPD officer James Duffy told AAP. “It was clearly a red light. There are no charges as yet, but it is certainly a possibility. That’s not something that has been determined yet.”

After both drivers passed breathalyzer tests, alcohol was ruled out as a cause of the crash.

The family was visiting from their home near Adelaide, Australia.

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