Are Smartphones to Blame for Distracted Driving in Albany?

by William Mattar | January 28th, 2019

As smartphones became more popular, they have started to make distracted driving a real problem for everyone using the Albany roads.

The Worse Distraction

It is estimated that smartphone use was involved in about 26 percent of distracted driving accidents. When you consider that distracted driving also includes talking to passengers, reading while driving, eating while driving, and applying makeup while driving, it is easy to see how smartphones top the list in driving distractions in Albany.

Stopping Distracted Driving

One of the ways to stop the distracted driving menace in Albany is to get young drivers to understand the dangers of using their smartphones while driving. School programs can emphasize safe driving and parents can help young drivers to develop good driving habits such as turning off their smartphones when they turn the engine on.

Parents can also insist that their teen drivers install special smartphone apps that turn phones off when the phone is in a vehicle. Generally, tools like this along with teaching young drivers good driving habits can help to decrease the amount of smartphone-based accidents in Albany.

Is It Only Smartphones?

It is difficult to find statistics that point out just exactly how many fatal Albany traffic accidents are attributed to distracted driving, but the truth is that smartphones are not the only culprits. For instance, a loud radio can be a distraction.

Smartphones are not the only source of driving distractions, but the options smartphone offer are not helping. With a smartphone a driver can check email, make phone calls, send text messages, and respond to social media posts, all while not watching the road.

Our firm has plenty of experience in helping people who have been involved in distracted driving accidents. We encourage you to give one of our car crash attorneys a call if you want to discuss your legal options after a distracted driving accident in Albany.