5 Safety Tips for Memorial Day Travel

by mhoffman | May 23rd, 2014

According to AAA, more than 35 million Americans will be traveling this Memorial Day weekend. With that many cars on the road, the risk of serious accidents increases. The auto accident lawyers at William Mattar would like to encourage you to be extra careful if you get out on the road this weekend by following these 5 travel safety tips:

  1. Plan Your Route—Before you leave, it’s important to plan out the route you will take on your trip. Even if you’re using GPS directions on your phone or another navigation device, print off a backup copy of the route before you leave.
  2. Get a Tune-Up—Routine car maintenance will not only extend the life of your vehicle but will help ensure you don’t run into any issues out on the road. At the very least, make sure to get the oil changed and tires checked before you set out.
  3. Pack Early—Packing your bags at the last minute increases the chances of leaving something important behind. Pack early and do a last-minute check to make sure you have everything you will need.
  4. Don’t Rush—Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re going. Obey posted speed limits and stay alert. Getting there a few minutes early is not worth risking your life.
  5. Take Breaks—Stop to stretch your legs or use the restroom at least every two hours. Also, be sure to share the driving responsibilities with others in your car. Breaks are a great time to turn over the reins.

Unfortunately, car accidents are often unavoidable. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, call the Buffalo auto accident lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices today.