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A common accident case handled by a pedestrian accident lawyer at William Mattar involves pedestrian/vehicle accidents where reckless drivers hit pedestrians who have the right of way. When Albany cars or trucks traveling over 10 miles per hour strike the body of a pedestrian, serious injuries can put that person in the hospital for a week or longer.

Our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers understand how important it is for pedestrian victims of negligent drivers to receive maximum compensation. We can help you pursue what is legally owed to you if you were struck while walking in areas designated for pedestrians. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our attorneys will arrange an initial consultation appointment with you as soon as possible when you call (844) 444-4444. We offer a free initial consultation form you can fill out at home and submit online.


Pedestrians struck by vehicles can suffer catastrophic injuries. The tremendous impact of multiple tons of metal colliding with the body of a pedestrian can cause lacerations, internal damage to organs, concussions, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. Depending how fast the car was traveling, the pedestrian can experience severe facial/dental injuries. Such injuries may require extensive reconstructive surgeries.

If you have suffered serious physical harm because you were hit by a vehicle while walking in Albany, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer today by calling (844) 444-4444 to schedule a free initial consultation.


Determining fault in a pedestrian-vehicle accident case typically hinges on something called “duty of care” by the driver and pedestrian. In other words, everyone must follow rules governing road and traffic conduct as well as exercise reasonable care.

When drivers fail to exercise reasonable care and strike pedestrians, they may be speeding; driving while distracted; driving while intoxicated; failing to yield to pedestrians using crosswalks; or disregarding traffic signals and signs. In addition, NY driver-pedestrian laws impose higher duties of care in school zones. Drivers may be expected to exercise greater degrees of caution while driving by parks, schools and on residential streets.

Whether walking on the sidewalks or streets, pedestrians must remain vigilant by avoiding perceived dangers and anticipating reasonably foreseeable dangers. In some cases, pedestrians struck by vehicles and seeking compensation may have “comparative fault” assessed against them if they did not exercise reasonable care to prevent or reduce injuries.

Factors that can suggest comparative fault on the part of a pedestrian include, but are not limited to, ignoring walk signals at intersections, disrupting flow of traffic by entering traffic, darting in front of vehicles, and not using marked crosswalks. Generally speaking, pedestrians approaching on a sidewalk that is not controlled by a traffic control signal has the right of way over vehicles.

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