Kasey Wolder

Car Accident Attorney

Attorney Kasey Wolder grew up on Long island, New York in a town called Wantagh. Her town holds the most well-known beach on Long Island, Jones Beach. She grew up a water-baby spending her days either at the beach or in her Grandparent’s pool in Seaford, NY. She went to high school in Levittown; where the graduating class from both high schools in the district was over 1,000 students.

After graduation, Kasey attended college at Farmingdale State College. She went there for one year with a major in photography. Like most 17 year olds, she did not know what she wanted to pursue. Kasey knew she loved photography and  had an interest in the law. She thought she could pursue both as a photo-journalist, reporting in crime. This obviously did not pan out. She didn’t take much from Farmingdale, except for one thing, an Englishman named Luke. He convinced her to transfer schools and pursue something greater.

Kasey and Luke transferred together to Buffalo State College. Buffalo State was much bigger than Farmingdale, almost four times the size. The area surrounding the school was very artsy and a great appeal to her. The campus did not have enough housing, so they were placed in the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown Buffalo. Living in a hotel for a year was by far one of the coolest experiences of her life. Living off campus and knowing only her boyfriend, it became difficult to make friends. This forced Kasey to become involved on campus. The sorority life was not for her, so she joined Rugby instead. She played flanker for three years at Buff State. Luke followed suit and played the position of hooker. Unlike Luke, she is lucky enough to say, she only broke one bone during her three years.

Kasey continued to pursue photography and peppered in a few Intro to Law classes. Her hope was to find a way to pair the two. She was well into her second year at Buff State when she realized she was taking a lot less art classes and more law classes. She loved her law classes. Kasey and Luke grew closer and eventually moved in together in the Elmwood Village. They decided that they NEEDED a dog. So, they drove out to Dayton, Ohio to get the dog of their dreams, a Chow Chow named Bowser (she is happy to share pictures, just ask). They spent many nights in the apartment just the three of them, arguing over the law cases she was assigned as homework (Bowser never had any good arguments). Luke was majoring in communications at the time, but he spent more time debating her law homework with her and less time writing speeches.

Kasey and Luke discussed his desire to pursue law school after college. She thought she could become a paralegal and they could work at the same firm together. Luke, however, had a different Idea. It never truly crossed her mind that she could also be a lawyer, she thought it would be too hard. Kasey discussed this idea with one of her law professors. He said the pursuit of law is driven by passion. So, as long as she was passionate about the law, she would be successful. This resonated with Kasey and helped her make the ultimate career decision. To make sure, she interned at the Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo for a semester. She worked in the foreclosure department. Kasey wanted to help everyone that walked through our doors. Her position however, only let her interview them for intake purposes. She found it very difficult to sit idly by as the lawyers went to work. Kasey wanted to be a part of the action. She wanted to be the one fighting for people’s homes. She wanted to be the one to make the difference in someone’s life. By this time in her college career, she was taking only law classes and decided to transfer to the Pre-Law major.

Three apartments and a college degree later, Luke and Kasey began to study for the LSAT (law school admissions test) together. As per usual, their scores were within one point of each other (hers being one point higher, not to brag). They decided to apply for law school together. After moving to America, Luke’s family settled in Dayton, Ohio. This was where he grew up and still had many friends. They visited the area frequently and fell in love with the small, mid-western city. They visited the University of Dayton School of Law and decided to apply. This was the only school they applied to as they knew it was exactly what they were looking for. It was a small city like Buffalo, but snowed way less, and the law school was small and concentrated on the success of its students. Kasey and Luke both were accepted and were slated to being in August 2014.

Luke, Bowser, and Kasey rented house with the perfect Bills basement. It was complete with wood paneling, the perfect Bills-red carpeting, and a bar. They decked out the basement with all of their Bills memorabilia, which at this time they quit extensive. They eventually meet a few other Buffalonians in Dayton and would host game days out their house. Bowser even has his own Jersey (again, happy to send pictures, just ask). Bills games are what got them through the three most difficult years of her life.

Law school was tough and unlike anything Kasey has ever done before. It sharpened her skills and grew her passion for law and helping people more than she could ever have imagined. Luke and Kasey both became members of the Student Bar Association. Like most other lawyers, studying for and taking the bar exam felt like walking through a pool of water wearing 20 pound chains with the current flowing in the opposite direction. It is enduring these difficulties that make the practice of law so rewarding. Kasey has worked hard to be where she is today; which makes her want to fight hard for her clients. Kasey understands that most people do not deal with motor vehicle collisions on a daily basis like she does. She understands that the aftermath of a collision can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life. Kasey just hopes that her experience and passion can help ease your difficulties.

As for the side plot of Luke, Bowser, and herself, they’re two lawyers (and a dog) working at William Mattar, P.C. living happily ever after in East Aurora planning a wedding!

Practice Areas:

  • SUNY Buffalo (B.A.), 2012
  • University of Dayton School of Law (J.D.), 2017
  • New York State, 2018
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Bar Association of Erie County
  • Young Lawyers Committee of the Bar Association of Erie County