Attorney Kenneth Lowe Joins William Mattar Law Offices

ken-lowe-webWilliam Mattar is proud to announce that Kenneth Lowe has joined their attorney staff. Lowe, originally from Juneau, Alaska, received his undergrad from Washington State University Vancouver, Washington, Magna Cum Laude and graduated from SUNY Buffalo School of Law in Buffalo, NY.

A member of the New York State Bar Association and Bar Association of Erie County, Lowe has had many successful positions both in and outside of the field of law. Always ready to help others, one of his notable accomplishments was spending a year teaching conversational English at the Hunagshi Institute of Technology in Hunagshi, Hubei, PRC. Lowe says, “Whether it’s helping people or having a positive effect on various systems, I decided that becoming a lawyer was one of the best avenues for affecting change.”

“Helping People…it’s What We Do,” is a phrase that is not only used by William Mattar, but is a clear description of how the entire firm operates. Kenneth Lowe is a valuable addition not only helping clients, but also reaching out to help in the surrounding communities as well.

William Mattar focuses on motor vehicle accident injuries and has a team dedicated to preserving evidence, providing resources for clients to guide them through the process, and working to obtain the best possible results for all clients in the least amount of time. Founded in 1990, William Mattar services all of New York State. Hurt In A Car Call William Mattar. 444-4444.