William Mattar Receives Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

by Dawn Raub | March 21st, 2017

On Thursday March 16th during a record breaking Fire and Ice fundraiser for the Greater Niagara Frontier Council Boy Scouts (GNFC), attorney and community leader William Mattar was honored with the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. “William Mattar has been such an incredible supporter and advocate of the life changing impact Scouting can have on our […]

Innovation Breeds Legislation

by William Mattar | March 16th, 2017

(Written by Matthew Kaiser) As chronicled in a previous blog entry, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has released draft regulations for the public deployment of autonomous vehicles, prompting a sharp rebuke from Google, who claims the regulations—which aim to require in all vehicles a licensed operator capable of taking control at any given moment—stifle […]

California DMV and Self-Driving Cars

by William Mattar | March 15th, 2017

California DMV Releases Self-Driving Car Regulations for Public Comment (Written by Matthew Kaiser) In late 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) released for public comment draft regulations for the public deployment of autonomous vehicles. Upon release, The Washington Post observed that the draft regulations “offer[ed] an early window into how regulators will address […]

Self-Driving Vehicles: An Incremental Transition

by William Mattar | February 22nd, 2017

(Written by Matthew Kaiser) We have all heard reports of Google’s self-driving cars navigating the streets of California’s “Googleplex.” We have also seen reports of Delphi Automotive’s Roadrunner autonomous vehicle completing a cross-country trip from San Francisco to New York City. Of course, the University of Michigan recently built a 32-acre facility dedicated to self-driving […]

The No-Fault Insurance Application Form

by Dawn Raub | February 22nd, 2017

Have you been in an accident and need help filling out the No-Fault insurance application form? Follow this link to our resource video that can help explain how to complete the No-Fault form and to find out how our attorneys can help. Don’t miss important time deadlines. Call us at 444-4444.

Self-driving Vehicles: An Ethical Quandary

by William Mattar | February 17th, 2017

Article written by Matthew Kaiser, attorney with William Mattar, P.C. In time, autonomous cars will rule our roads. This new landscape will change the way we get from Point A to Point B, relying on GPS coordinates and computer algorithms—instead of our senses of vision and hearing, which we have relied on to “see what is […]

William Mattar: The Firm with the Focus

by Dawn Raub | February 6th, 2017

You’ve seen the tv spots and heard the radio commercials: Hurt In A Car Call William Mattar 444-4444.  Of course we are proud to say that we have helped thousands across New York State with automobile, truck and motorcycle accident injuries. But there is a new slogan that we have been sharing that brings it […]


by William Mattar | January 26th, 2017

Part 3- Exchange necessary information with involved motorists/pedestrians Following a collision you are obligated to exchange certain information with other motorists involved in the collision, injured pedestrians, owners of damaged property and, of course, the responding police officers.   For example, you are obligated to exchange your name and address, driver’s license information, vehicle registration information, and […]


by William Mattar | January 19th, 2017

Part 2- Contact Authorities/ Emergency Personnel Once you are out of harm’s way and have arranged for emergency personnel to respond, it is important that you contact the police department so that a police report can be drafted.  This police report will have important bearing on any claim you might bring against at-fault motorists, so […]

Accident Aftershock, Now What? – 3 Part Blog

by William Mattar | January 12th, 2017

Part 1- Get Out Of Harm’s Way The moments immediately following a motor vehicle collision can be chaotic and hectic.  The first priority is obviously your health and well being.  If you are seriously injured, contact emergency personnel, or arrange for another motorist or a bystander to contact emergency personnel.  If you think you endured […]